Microwave Drying Equipment for Lemon Slices

Lemon is a common fruit, its taste sour, usually many manufacturers will process them into lemon slices for sale. Lemon juice is a common drink, which many people like to drink, it is sour and sweet, accompanied by light bitter and fragrant taste, lemon juice is also rich in nutrients, with antitussive, expectorant, Generate Jin and invigorate spleenand other effects, can enhance immunity and delay aging. We usually have a few drinks, which is also of great benefit to our health.

Lemon slice

The process of processing lemon slices can’t be done naturally, and the lemon slice microwave drying equipment of the leader microwave equipment company is a good choice to dry the lemon.

Advantages of lemon slice microwave drying equipment:

1.Easy to control

Lemon slice microwave drying equipment adopts modular design, PLC system control, simple and convenient operation, easy to control.

2.Short drying time

Because microwave has penetration performance and there is no heat transfer medium inside and outside the heating material, the heating speed is very fast. In general, lemon slice microwave drying machine in the standard dryer within 1/10 of the time to dry the material.

3.To improve the product quality and prolong the shelf life

Lemon slice microwave dryer can not only dry the material, but also sterilize and disinfect the product, so as to ensure the safety of the product and extend its shelf life.

4.energy conservation

Waterborne materials are easy to absorb microwave and produce heat, so microwave drying equipment has little heat loss during drying, which ensures drying efficiency and saves energy.

5.Uniform heating

The microwave drying machine of lemon slices uses microwave to enter the material, which makes the moisture evaporate and the water vapor is taken away in the air flow, so as to achieve the effect of uniform drying and complete the drying process more quickly.

6.The control temperature is accurate.

The equipment is equipped with an imported infrared thermometer to control the temperature accurately, automatically realize the microwave power adjustment of the material, meet the microwave energy reaching the interior of the material, and the temperature fluctuation range is ≤3°C.

7.Environmental protection

The lemon slice microwave drying equipment does not generate “three wastes” because the microwave energy is controlled in the heating chamber, no radioactive hazard and harmful gas discharge, no waste heat and dust pollution, and is safe and environment-friendly.

Microwave drying equipment for lemon slices

Working principle of lemon slice microwave drying equipment:

Microwave drying makes use of the properties of microwave penetration, absorption and reflection. In the drying process, the polar solvent molecules in lemon slices absorb microwave and convert microwave energy into heat energy, so the temperature of lemon slices forms a temperature gradient from inside to outside. In this process, heat energy accumulates and further converts into potential energy, while the peripheral water of lemon sheet evaporates first, and the pressure difference is formed from inside to outside, and the direction of heat transfer and mass transfer is the same, so microwave drying has the characteristics of high drying rate, less time consuming, uniform drying effect and automatic and easy control.

Lemon slice microwave drying equipment and medicinal materials microwave drying equipment, tea microwave drying equipment, wood microwave drying equipment and other equipment led the microwave market, they came into being, is the progress of the times, but also for China’s microwave market to provide greater development space, it goes without saying, in the future, they will develop better and better, have broad prospects for development!