Industrial Continuous Microwave Drying Machine

Because microwave drying technology has been paid more and more attention, the internal heating temperature rise mode of microwave drying technology has great advantages over the traditional drying technology which uses medium surface heat.

microwave drying machine

1.Industrial continuous microwave drying machine heats up fast

In vacuum, the propagation speed of electromagnetic wave is 3.0*108 m / s, and the time of penetrating the material is very short. The continuous microwave drying machine can heat and dry the inside and outside of the material at the same time. Under the practical application of microwave drying, when the surface moisture of the object evaporates, the object will have a temperature gradient from the inside to the outside, which makes the direction of water migration and heat transfer consistent, and can greatly improve the drying rate. The traditional heating method is to start heating from the outside of the material, and then use the heat conduction mode to transfer the heat to the inside of the material. The temperature gradient in the material is from outside to inside, and the temperature rise speed is slow.

2.High energy utilization rate of industrial continuous microwave drying machine

In the industrial microwave drying machine, the microwave drying device is completely closed, and each component basically does not absorb microwave, so microwave is mainly used in heating medium, and the microwave energy loss is small. In addition, the speed of microwave light enters the wet material and converts it into heat energy in an instant. Microwave directly heats the material without heating the air. The heating device is a closed cavity made of special metal materials. The wall completely reflects the microwave to avoid microwave leakage, so the microwave is basically absorbed completely by the wet material, and there is no heat dissipation in the heating process. Finally, the energy saving of microwave drying technology is realized.

microwave drying machine

3.Selective heating of industrial continuous microwave drying machine.

The distribution of the temperature field in the microwave drying process is affected by the dielectric properties of the medium itself, and the dielectric property is the non-linear change function of the temperature or the water content of the medium itself. Microwave drying process, because of the low temperature and high moisture content, the dielectric constant and dielectric loss are high, so the microwave will be concentrated in the corresponding position, which makes the temperature rise faster. The principle of microwave heating determines that microwave only heats polar materials in wet materials and not matrix materials.

4.Industrial continuous microwave drying machine is easy to control

In the case of microwave incident, the temperature of the medium will rise and the temperature will decrease directly as the microwave input is stopped. The traditional heating system has a large hysteresis, and the microwave drying of the microwave dryer simplifies the control problem of the lag.

microwave drying machine

Microwave drying of industrial continuous microwave drying equipment is a new type of drying method, which has the advantages of fast temperature rise, high energy utilization ratio, simple selective heating and control, etc. Tunnel microwave drying has great advantages over traditional drying technology in energy consumption saving. There is a non-thermal effect in microwave drying of industrial continuous microwave drying machinery, which can play a better drying effect. Microwave drying technology is considered to have a wide range of application prospects in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum and other fields. With the continuous research of microwave drying technology, more and more fields will benefit from it.