Application of Microwave Drying Equipment for Vegetables

Nowadays, our living standard is getting better and better. Every day, there are a lot of delicious foods to eat. Although there are a lot of delicacies from the mountains and the sea, we still need to eat more vegetables for the sake of our health. Eating vegetables regularly not only won’t make the body fat, but is also good for the body to supplement a variety of trace elements, which is a good thing to kill many birds with one stone.

There are many different ways to eat vegetables. Some people like to eat dehydrated vegetables very much. How do vegetables dehydrate? This requires the use of Leader Microwave Equipment company’s vegetable microwave drying equipment.

dehydrated vegetables

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for vegetables:

1.The quality of dried vegetables is good without cracking

Vegetable microwave drying machine adopts mechanization production, can dry vegetables in a short time, so that dried vegetables are preserved intact, the quality is very good, there will be no cracking problem.

2.Easy to control, convenient and flexible to operate

Although it is a mechanical equipment, but the use of vegetable microwave drying machine is very convenient, only a few workers can control the equipment to complete the production of large quantities of dried vegetables.

3.Automatic control of heating time and drying temperature

Different from other equipment, microwave drying equipment is a very intelligent equipment, it can not only set the drying time and temperature manually, but also control the drying time and temperature by itself, which is very efficient to use.

4.Save time

Microwave drying machine gets rid of a lot of time consumption, making the drying time of vegetables very short, the drying efficiency is very high.

5.Low energy consumption

In the process of industrial production, the most important thing is environmental protection. Only those enterprises who follow the environmental protection to the end will go further, and the microwave drying machine will not consume excess energy, only use a small amount of electricity, can complete the drying of vegetables.

Microwave drying equipment for vegetables

Technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for vegetables:

Equipment modelTunnel type
Input powerThree-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Machine power210KW
Microwave drying power150KW(adjustable)
External dimensions of equipment23390×1952×1700mm (Length * width * height)
Width of conveyer belt1100mm Thickness:0.06mm (Ptfe cloth conveyor belt)
Cooling typeMagnetron water – cooled, transformer oil immersed in water
 Equipment materialThe whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel
Microwave leakage rate≤5mw/cm2 (Accord with national GB10436-89 standard)
Equipment production150 kg/hr(The amount of dehydration)

 Comparison between microwave drying equipment for vegetables and traditional equipment:


The traditional drying method is usually calculated in hours or days, which greatly reduces the drying efficiency of vegetables. The calculation unit of microwave drying equipment for vegetables is minutes, which can greatly improve the drying efficiency and reduce production cost for manufacturers.


The drying process of microwave drying equipment for vegetables is carried out in stainless steel containers, and the sanitary condition is very good. However, the traditional drying method cannot avoid the contact between vegetables and the outside world, so the sanitary condition is worrying.

schematic diagram

Principle of microwave drying equipment for vegetables:

Microwaves are obtained by applying direct current or 50Hz alternating current to an electrical vacuum or semiconductor device, using electrons to perform special motions in a magnetic field. When a heated vegetable is placed in a microwave field, its polar molecules oscillate and rub back and forth with the microwave frequency at a high frequency of billions of times per second, generating enough heat to dry the vegetable in a very short time.

It is worth mentioning that the use of microwave equipment is more and more widely, such as microwave thawing frozen pork equipment, red jujube microwave drying equipment, etc, are some very good equipment, and vegetable microwave drying equipment will be more and more popular, to bring higher profits to the manufacturers, after all, vegetables are the necessities of life everyone needs!