Advantages of Microwave Drying Equipment for Green Tea

Light an incense burner, taste a cup of green tea, play a pipa, the smell of tea curl, tune lingering around the house, so pleasant. There are many kinds of green tea, such as west lake longjing, dongting pilochum, oolong tea, tieguanyin, lushan fragrant and so on. Tasting tea, let us feel relaxed and happy not only, still can cultivate one’s morality raises a good temperament, its effect is countless also.

Green tea

The production of green tea usually needs to be dried and sterilized. In order to ensure that the dried green tea is naturally pollution-free and has a healthy taste well, this requires the use of microwave drying equipment for green tea.

The Microwave drying machine of green tea developed by Leader Microwave Equipment has its unique advantages. It has solved the disadvantages of traditional drying method. Unique in design, exquisite workmanship.

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for green tea:

1.Energy saving and save electricity

Save electrical energy, with long service life

2.Usage is not subject to weather conditions

Green tea microwave drying machine can operate 24 hours a day, whether it is cloudy or rainy, day or night.

3.Good drying effect and even drying

The color, aroma, taste and individual form of the dried products are very good.Higher active ingredients;Good rehydration after drying, drying evenly.

4.Intelligent operation, no person is required to be on duty

The unit runs automatically without manual to flip; They don’t have to be looked after like coal-fired or wood-fired boilers.

5.Safety and environmental protection

Using electrical separation technology, no electric shock, leakage, flammable fire and other hazards. Tea dryer is using clean energy materials, no pollution to the environment, achieve zero pollution emissions.

6.High usage of heat energy

The closed dehumidification mode is adopted, eliminating the need to discharge waste heat to the outside world; Green tea microwave drying equipment of the drainage system using three waste heat recovery technology, rapid drainage of water without loss of heat.

7.Simple operation and maintenance

Programmable touch screen controller, easy operation and maintenance, the maintenance only need to clean the heat exchanger regularly.

8.Durable equipment

Normal use for 15 years, once input, long-term benefit.

Microwave drying equipment for green tea

Working principle of microwave drying equipment for green tea:

Green tea microwave drying machine is the use of inverse carnot principle, absorption of heat in the air and transfer to the drying warehouse, drying room temperature increase, with the corresponding dehumidification equipment to achieve green tea drying. The microwave drying device for green tea constitutes a refrigerant circulation system. The refrigerant circulates in the system under the action of the compressor. The continuous circulation of the refrigerant realizes the transfer of heat in the air to the drying room, and the temperature in the heating room achieves the purpose of drying green tea.

schematic diagram

The pace of modern life is getting faster and faster. Maybe, sometimes we need to slow down and savor the beautiful life and enjoy the moment of tranquility. Calm down to the heart, taste the fragrance of tea, listen to a ditty, let our soul obtain pure comfort.

Green tea has been deeply rooted in our life. It is really a good choice for relaxing, relieving fatigue and raising temperament. Tea not only has refreshing, clear heat relieving summer-heat, help digestion and reduce phlegm, relieving greasy feeling and lose weight, clear away heart fire and vexation, detoxification and sober up from wine, help produce appetite and slake thirst, reduce heart fire and improve eyesight, stop dysentery and remove dampness and other pharmacological effects, but also to modern diseases, such as radiation disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases, there is a certain pharmacological effect.

Microwave drying equipment for green tea is becoming more and more popular in daily life. The traditional way of drying should have been phased out long ago, using green tea microwave dryer to dry the tea leaves with good taste and color is what we really want. In fact, in the microwave equipment industry, not only green tea microwave drying equipment so popular, in addition, like grain microwave drying equipment, vegetable microwave drying equipment have broad prospects for development, the development of microwave equipment will have a good future!