How to dry the glace date?

Believe a lot of people like to eat big jujube, high grade big jujube is sweet and very cure a person’s heart, and there is rich vitamin C in big jujube, so often eat jujube can also have the role of invigorating qi, nourishing blood and calming down, strong bones. With the development of the times, there are many new ways to eat jujube, such as candied jujube, compared with jujube, the taste of glace date is much richer, so it is well received by consumers. Candied jujube is to pass drying processing commonly, so how to undertake drying processing to candied jujube commonly? The glace date microwave … Read more

Microwave Drying Equipment for Lemon Slices

Lemon is a common fruit, its taste sour, usually many manufacturers will process them into lemon slices for sale. Lemon juice is a common drink, which many people like to drink, it is sour and sweet, accompanied by light bitter and fragrant taste, lemon juice is also rich in nutrients, with antitussive, expectorant, Generate Jin and invigorate spleenand other effects, can enhance immunity and delay aging. We usually have a few drinks, which is also of great benefit to our health. Lemon slice The process of processing lemon slices can’t be done naturally, and the lemon slice microwave drying equipment … Read more

Microwave Drying Equipment For Nuts

Dried nuts, that is, nut in a dry state. Most of them are rich in protein, vitamins, lipids and so on. There are many common dried fruits in our life, such as chestnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, melon seeds, pine nuts, almonds, ginkgo, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, peanuts and so on. A variety of dried nuts give us a taste of enjoyment! All kinds of nuts How are dried nuts made? Drying is a very important process, dry the dried fruit to reduce the dry fruit moisture content, the dry fruit moisture content control in the required range of fast food fruit slices to achieve the purpose … Read more

Industrial microwave drying equipment has many advantages

Along with the social progress, the industrial development is also more and more rapid, food industry, medicine industry, daily chemical industry and so on all develop day by day. Now in many processing industries need to use drying technology, so, this also has new requirements for China’s drying technology, microwave technology is a new emerging technology, so the industrial microwave drying equipment came into being.  Industrial microwave drying equipment In order to meet the needs of new and old customers, Leader Microwave Equipment Company has made continuous efforts to research, and based on years of experience, produced the new industrial microwave drying equipment as … Read more

Advantages of Microwave Drying Equipment for Green Tea

Light an incense burner, taste a cup of green tea, play a pipa, the smell of tea curl, tune lingering around the house, so pleasant. There are many kinds of green tea, such as west lake longjing, dongting pilochum, oolong tea, tieguanyin, lushan fragrant and so on. Tasting tea, let us feel relaxed and happy not only, still can cultivate one’s morality raises a good temperament, its effect is countless also. Green tea The production of green tea usually needs to be dried and sterilized. In order to ensure that the dried green tea is naturally pollution-free and has a … Read more

Application of Microwave Drying Equipment for Vegetables

Nowadays, our living standard is getting better and better. Every day, there are a lot of delicious foods to eat. Although there are a lot of delicacies from the mountains and the sea, we still need to eat more vegetables for the sake of our health. Eating vegetables regularly not only won’t make the body fat, but is also good for the body to supplement a variety of trace elements, which is a good thing to kill many birds with one stone. There are many different ways to eat vegetables. Some people like to eat dehydrated vegetables very much. How do … Read more

Microwave Chemical Raw Material Drying Equipment

In the chemical industry, some raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products often contain more or less water, and in order to facilitate the processing, transportation, storage and proper use, the water in the material is often removed. Drying is the most widely used method in chemical production to remove moisture from solid and slurry materials. Microwave chemical raw material drying equipment is an advanced professional equipment. The advantages of the microwave chemical raw material drying equipment produced by the Leader Microwave Equipment Company: 1.The microwave chemical raw material drying machine can improve the efficiency and shorten the drying time. … Read more

Industrial Continuous Microwave Drying Machine

Because microwave drying technology has been paid more and more attention, the internal heating temperature rise mode of microwave drying technology has great advantages over the traditional drying technology which uses medium surface heat. 1.Industrial continuous microwave drying machine heats up fast In vacuum, the propagation speed of electromagnetic wave is 3.0*108 m / s, and the time of penetrating the material is very short. The continuous microwave drying machine can heat and dry the inside and outside of the material at the same time. Under the practical application of microwave drying, when the surface moisture of the object evaporates, the … Read more

Wool Fiber Tunnel Type Microwave Drying Machine

Microwave heating drying technology uses microwave selective heating and penetration to realize material drying. Microwave is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength of between 1mm~1 m and a frequency of 300MHz~300GHz. When wool fiber is dried by microwave drying equipment, polar water molecules can absorb microwave, accelerate the speed of rotation and spin, increase the internal energy and convert it into heat, resulting in thermal effect. Compared with the traditional hot air drying mode, the wool fiber tunnel type microwave drying mechanical microwave oven has the advantages of high heating efficiency, good uniformity, energy conservation, environmental protection, low operation cost, … Read more

Large Microwave Drying Equipment of Lotus Root Starch

Lotus root is a perennial plant of Nymbiaceae, starch is its main nutritional component, the content is 10% ~20%. China is rich in lotus root resources. Lotus root is processed to make starch, which can be used as an important raw and auxiliary material in food processing industry, and has great resource advantages and development prospects. The advantages of lotus root starch microwave drying equipment: The lotus root starch large-size microwave drying equipment has the advantages of short drying time and high efficiency. The time of the hot-air drying lotus root starch is the longest, the microwave drying time is … Read more