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Microwave drying equipment for insects is used to expand and dry insects (yellow mealworm locust, soil element, large wax borer, cricket, etc.) in the deep processing of insects.

Yellow mealworm drying diagramYellow mealworm drying diagram

Yellow mealworm drying diagram

What are the shortcomings of traditional drying equipment?

With the maturity of insect production technology and the expansion of social demand, insect breeding has become a new industry.For the further processing of insects, at present, in the process of expanding and drying insects, the use of non-professional equipment, such as household microwave oven, food oven and so on.

These equipment have limited the development of the industry,The former has the disadvantage that the equipment life is short and the output is too small to form the scale industry.Although the latter has no disadvantages of the former, the internal and external quality of the products processed with it not only cannot meet the output and quality requirements of export processing, but also greatly reduces its original nutritional composition and due value, and reduces economic benefits.It can be said that the expanded drying technology of insects has become the bottleneck restricting the further processing of insects.

Front view of microwave insect drying equipment

Front view of microwave insect drying equipment

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for insects:

When using microwave insect drying equipment to process various insects, first put the insects to be processed into a special material box, and then put the material box on a continuously running conveyor belt and send it into the microwave room.After the material enters the microwave chamber, it is immediately killed by microwave and expanded rapidly, and then it is dehydrated by microwave, so as to achieve the purpose of drying and expanding.The moisture content of the processed insects is easy to control, uniform drying, do not change color, nutrients will not be destroyed, insects originally rich in protein and other materials will not be due to carbonization and deterioration.

principle diagram of microwave drying insect machine

principle diagram of microwave drying insect machine

1.Alarm apparatus,2.Warning board,3.Moisture removal pipe,4.Centrifugal fan,5.Steam hood,6.Channel device,7.Cooling return pipe,8.Microwave source,9.Microwave source,10.Tension bridle roll,11.Tension tight screw,12.Drive roller and sprocket,13.Bush roller chain,14.Adjust the bottom studs,15.Inhibition room,16.Conveyer belt,17.Microwave chamber,18.Cooling inlet pipe,19.Carrier roller,20.Electromotor,21.Reducer and sprocket,22.Equipment body

In order to reduce the manufacturing cost of microwave drying equipment, our elite engineers have been investing a lot of time in research and development of new models.Now, we can build whole machines faster.Insect microwave drying equipment not only has reasonable mechanical structure, advanced control system and complete safety protection, but also belongs to environmental protection products with high efficiency and energy saving.It has good application value.

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