Insect Microwave Dryer

Introduce Advantage PDF Download PDF Microwave drying equipment for insects is used to expand and dry insects (yellow mealworm locust, soil element, large wax borer, cricket, etc.) in the deep processing of insects. Yellow mealworm drying diagram What are the shortcomings of traditional drying equipment? With the maturity of insect production technology and the expansion of social demand, insect breeding has become a new industry.For the further processing of insects, at present, in the process of expanding and drying insects, the use of non-professional equipment, such as household microwave oven, food oven and so on. These equipment have limited the … Read more

Vegetable Dehydration and Drying Equipment LD1603

Introduce Parameter Advantage PDF Download PDF Dehydrated vegetables are also known as dried vegetables. Vegetable dehydration processing is also known as vegetable drying.It uses a certain technology to remove the water from the fresh vegetable raw materials, and reduces its water activity to the extent that the microorganisms are difficult to survive and reproduce, so that the product has good preservation. Moreover, it requires rehydration (re-absorption) to substantially restore original shape and maintain original nutrients and flavor. The products are dried fruits and dehydrated vegetables (dried vegetables). Dehydrated vegetables have a long storage time and basically maintain the original shape, … Read more