Hot Air Continuous Drying Equipment LD1601

LD1601 hot air drying equipment forcibly distributes the hot air that enters the furnace body so that the incoming hot air flows to the material according to the predetermined air passage and air volume. The material on the conveyor belt is uniformly heated by the air, and the degree of drying is the same, which solves the problem that the material on the conveyor belt near the two side walls of the furnace body is excessively dried.

Compared with other drying equipment, the quality of dry fruit microwave drying sterilization machine is better, they show outstanding advantages in extending the shelf life of food, preserving the original flavor and nutrition of food, retaining the physiological activity of raw materials, and improving the added value of agricultural products..
Along with the social progress, the industrial development is also more and more rapid, food industry, medicine industry, daily chemical industry and so on all develop day by day. Now in many processing industries need to use drying technology, so, this also has new requirements for China’s drying technology, microwave technology is a new emerging technology, so the industrial microwave drying equipment came into being.

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